Life changes a lot, am I right? While I wouldn’t call myself middle age just quite yet, I’m getting there. But that means that I have had almost four decades to read books and to know that they function like an anchor. I have loved reading and stories for as long as I can remember and still count it as a top way to spend my time. No matter how technology and society advances, a good story serves as a touchstone that can draw people in and build a connection like nothing else. And I still prefer for that medium to be delivered via paper and print.

I am drawn towards books that have deep and powerful personal journeys woven into them. Learning and exploring what makes other people make the choices they do and create their life the way they do has always been something I am fascinated by. That being said, I will read just about anything, especially if it comes recommended to with a note about why it’s worth reading. I learn something from every single thing I read, so why would I ever stop reading?

Why did I start this blog? Well, no matter what job I have done, where I have lived or what new adventures I have explored, books always bring me back. I have always been the friend that people ask for book recommendations and I have been a book club member for the last 15 years.  My life revolves around a lot of great books!  And so I decided that I wanted to share that, and to write about great books and how they can change perspective, build friendships, provide solace, make you think, and really, just so much more.

While I can’t state that I am an expert in literature or writing techniques, I can say that I am fuelled by good books and look forward to sharing them with anyone willing to listen.