Book Review – You Think It, I’ll Say It

Curtis Sittenfeld is a great writer. I got wrapped up in American Wife and enjoyed Eligible too. I was hesitant to read You Think It, I’ll Say It because I am not a lover of short stories. Like many people, I don’t like not being able to get invested in a character (which is hard to do with short stories) and general find short stories to be anticlimactic. However, it was a book pick by Reese Witherspoon’s Book Club and her choices have pretty much all been great reads for me.

So I was pleasantly surprised to love this book. Each story was really good. And I love the general theme  – one that had every main character dealing with a traumatic or inciting incident in the past that still influences their present. Don’t we all have that? I can absolutely think of a few people or a few incidents that I still think of to this day. It is always interesting to me what situations matter to each person and why something just seem to stay with you forever.

Just looking back through the book, I was going to try and pick a favourite story but I don’t think I can. But if I had too, I found that ‘Bad Latch’, ‘The World Has Many Butterflies’, and ‘Vox Clamantis in Deserto’ were the ones I loved the most.

I have already made my book club pick for when I’m hosting next but am really tempted to change it to this book instead! Would love to hear what everyone else’s favourite stories are.

Anyway, even if you aren’t a short story lover (which I am learning is quite common), this book is worth the read. I haven’t read Prep yet, which I think is Curtis Sittenfeld’s most famous novel so I will be adding that to my reading list for sure.

Am currently reading ‘An Unwanted Guest’ by Shari Lapena so stay tuned for that review coming up next.


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