Book Review – Force Of Nature

book review for force of nature

Just as I thought, I had three books come up at the library the day after I wrote my last post. It was perfect timing as I was heading up to the cottage for about a week and certainly needed something to read on the dock!

The first book I decided to tackle was Jane Harper’s Force of Nature. I had read her previous novel. The Dry, and liked it, so I had high hopes for this book too. Part of the reason I like Jane Harper’s books, I think, is because the main character is male. So many best selling fiction novels have a female narrator and I found myself quite enjoying reading about the perspective of Harper’s main character in both of her novels, Aaron Falk.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE a strong and captivating female lead, but there is something about Aaron that I quite grew to like and when I found out that Force of Nature also had him as the main character, it did make me put the book on my library holds list a little faster.

This book centres around office politics and dynamics. Although there is some overlap, the main relationships are supposed to be those of boss and employee or coworkers. There is backstory brought in for a few characters (meaning they knew each other before becoming colleagues) which adds to the tension and story development.

Although this story squarely falls into the thriller category, I didn’t find it too predictable or too gory. I also thought all the characters were well enough developed and it was very easy to relate to the situation of the female characters being out in the woods. Just about everyone would start to crack under those circumstances!

The only thing that didn’t really win me over with regards to Aaron was his second attempt at a relationship. Again, it was really just longing and his inability to be open and make any kind of verbal assertion that he was interested in his female love interest. While resulted in a lot of brooding and sexual tension, but left him alone once again. The only thing I can think of is that a third book will finally have him ready to pursue an actual relationship and not mess it up – ha!

There were so many good characters in this book that I think it makes a great read for just about anyone. If you’ve had any type of corporate experience, you will easily be able to either identify with one of the characters or know a colleague or two that is represented by one of the characters in the book.

I would definitely read another Jane Harper book, and hope that she makes another attempt to bring Aaron Falk to life.



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