Book Review – Erotic Stories for Punjabi Widows

book review for erotic stories for punjabi widows

Well. So you many think the title, Erotic Stories for Punjabi Widows, is misleading or is a play on words or something…but nope, get ready to read some erotic stories! This book is a coming of age story for Nikki (she’s already in her mid twenties but it is about her finding her way) mixed together with some Fifty Shades of Grey. Intrigued? You should be! Grab your favourite snack, a glass of wine, and get reading.

I really like this book, and not just for the naughty bits.  The further you get into the book, you realize how the stories and the experiences of these women represent the bigger struggles that women have faced for centuries. Things are notably better in our present day, but so many of the issues they felt and how they were marginalized still exists. But regardless of how women are repressed publicly or based on their race or their status in life, no one can take away their inner thoughts, their desires and their feelings. I loved that the stories were being produced by widows, most of whom were considered to be seniors. To me, the story emphasized that you are never too old to want that connection and to remember what it felt like to be lost in desire and have the physically need to touch someone.

This book was a Hello Sunshine Book Club pick, and I can see why. Most of the picks for that Book Club focus on women’s stories and this one is no exception when it comes time to uniquely sharing a message from a women’s point of view. There is camaraderie between women in this book, opportunities for women to build each other up and help each other, the listen to each other and to commit to making their lives better, together. Maybe that sounds hokey, but I would much rather read books like this than books that pit people against each other. What we choose to read, those stories absorb into your thoughts, and so I am happy to have absorbed this positive story…with a little smut thrown in!

I get it though, not everyone may be in to reading the erotic stories part, but all of the stories are written in a different font so you can easily skip over them if you want. And you will still be able to follow the story and get just as much from the book, I think. But that being said, reading them was a great reminder to speak your mind, say what you need and to not be afraid of intimacy and a little adventure.

I also really liked getting to learn more about a different culture – both the good and the bad – and seeing how similarities in terms of family relationships largely remain the same. In the end, regardless of culture or background, a parent just wants what’s best for their child, even if we don’t quite know the right way to express it. And, oh! I forgot to add that there is even a bit of murder mystery in this book. It’s just another element that brings all the women in this story together.

I definitely recommend this book – it would make a great summer beach read. Next book for me? The America Marriage by Tayari Jones. Happy reading my fellow book worms!




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