Best Non Book Gifts To Give Book Lovers This Summer

non book gift ideas for book lovers

I don’t know about you, but summer time is ripe with gifting opportunities! From summer birthdays to graduations, gifts for hosts, and housewarming presents, there is a lot of gift giving happening. While I always think a great book makes an awesome gift, it can be hard to gift a book to a book lover since the chances are high that they may have already read the book you selected.

With that in mind, I have rounded up some great gift ideas for your book worm friends and family that still acknowledge their love of a great book, but offer a bit more of a unique twist. While not all of these items are directly book related, they speak to what reading a book encapsulates – slow and quiet activities with a love of traditional activities (puzzles, paper notes and cards, etc).

Tell me, what is the best book related gift that you’ve ever received?

10 Non Book Gifts For People Who Love Books

I love so many of these things! It would be hard for me to choose which of these to gift, they are all awesome. It warms my heart that there are so many fellow book lovers out there that have created the need for these unique items.  Book nerds unite 🙂

non book gift ideas for book lovers1. I’ve Already Read That Movie T-Shirt. 2. Just One More Chapter Mug. 3. Happy Place Candle. 4. Jigsaw Puzzle. 5. If You Can Read this Please Bring Me A Book Socks. 6. Book Ends. 7. Little Book Shiraz Wine. 8. The Book Was Better Book Bag. 9. Assorted Note Cards. 10. Throw Blanket.

And of course, you can still take your chances and grab a great book to gift – that’s what gift receipts are for, no? If you’re looking for some ideas on books to give, take a look at my summer reading list or the list of what’s on my bookshelf right now. If you do choose to give a book as a gift, I like to include a notecard that explains why I liked the book and why I think the recipient would enjoy it too. If not a note card, feel free to write an inscription right inside the book cover to make it a more personal gift. If you think the book will be a special keepsake, spring for the hardcover version versus paperback.

Hopefully you’ll have plenty of reasons to shop from this list – here’s to a summer filled with lots of positive occasions to celebrate!


*this post contains affiliate links.


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